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Cleaning in Astana

Precio promedio por este servicio
 10,000 —  18,000
Calificación promedio de los especialistas para este servicio
4.4 de 5
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"Limpieza" en Астана

Аяжан Ж.

1 reseña
3 solicitudes
Identidad verificada
Уборка жасаимын напарница бар. Мени тандаганынызга окинбисиз уборканын барлык тури багасын келисемиз😘😘🌹🌹
уборка жаксы жасады уакытысында келди рахмет тагы шакырам кыздар
Диас Ергалиев, hace 14 días

Камила Т.

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Предоставляем услуги клининга, уборки домов, квартир, ком.помещений. Мытье посуды, окон, помощь по дому. Опыт работы от 1 года, работаем качественно, добросовестно. Работаем 24 часа в сутки, звоните в любое время!
Пришла вовремя, убрались быстро, аккуратно. О чем договорились сделано, и немного сверху. Остался доволен
Vladislav, hace 8 días

Расиля С.

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4 solicitudes
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Здравствуйте!!! У нас опыт работы 3 года , мы помогаем по уборке и хозяйству) работаем в паре , нас двое ! Делаем все быстро и качественно 💯 выбрав нас , Мы гарантируем Вам полную безопасность и чистоту 🤝
Очень хорошая уборка , спасибо большое ! Буду еще заказывать 🙏🏻😍
Гаухар, hace 14 días
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Preguntas frecuentes

“Limpieza” en Ciudad de Астана

Where can I book cleaning services in Astana using inDrive.Services?

You can book cleaning services for various places, such as apartments, houses, offices, public areas in multi-story buildings, and much more.

Can I regularly summon a cleaner in Astana?

Yes, you can order cleaning services as often as you need.

Can I request additional services, such as outdoor cleaning, laundry, or ironing, in addition to standard cleaning?

Certainly! On the platform, there are cleaners ready to provide additional services, such as cleaning the refrigerator, washing windows, laundry, and ironing. Specify these details when ordering the service.

Do I need to temporarily leave the house and take children or pets during the cleaning?

Not necessarily, but it's at your discretion. If, for safety or convenience reasons, you want to leave the cleaning area and relocate children or pets, it can be a good idea.

How much does cleaning typically cost in Astana?

In Astana, the average cost of cleaning a room starts from 10,000 ₸ per service, depending on the service requirements.

How is the payment for the cleaning service made through inDrive.Services?

Payment is made directly to the selected professional. Without intermediaries, it is ensured that the performer receives the full amount, and you won't pay a commission.

Why is it better to hire a cleaner through inDrive.Services in Astana?

When you use inDrive.Services, you gain access to thousands of verified professionals. The hiring process is quick and convenient, saving your time and effort.

How do I choose the perfect cleaner for my home or business?

  • Visit the inDrive.Services website.

  • Choose the service you need.

  • Fill out a short form.

  • In just 5 minutes*, cleaners will send you their proposals.

  • When choosing a cleaner, pay attention to the ratings, reviews, and proposed price from other clients.

  • In this way, inDrive.Services makes your experience with cleaning services simple and effective!
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