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Reparación y ensamblaje de muebles en Астана

Precio promedio por este servicio
 6,000 —  10,000
Calificación promedio de los especialistas para este servicio
4.4 de 5
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"Reparación y ensamblaje de muebles" en Астана

Ерсултан А.

19 reseñas
36 solicitudes
Identidad verificada
Опыт работы болеее 7 лет по мебели качество цена гарантия и работаю обемами звоните договоримся
ТОП! Үлкен рахмет! Все дотошно максимально детально сделал, а не так, чтобы избавиться лишь бы лишь бы. С радостью сохранил его номер, и буду советовать друзьям.
Aslan, hace 3 días

Сакен К.

33 reseñas
55 solicitudes
Identidad verificada
Изготовление, сборка, разборка,ремонт мебели. Замена розеток и выключателей,установка прочих электроприборов. Замена и врезка замков, а также их вскрытие. Мелкосрочный ремонт по дому. Мелкосрочный ремонт автомобиля. Буксировка 4вд.,эвакуация автомобиля из снежного плена, арыков и ям. Подкачка колес, прикуривание аккумулятора. Вскрытие автомобилей.
Это шикарный мастер на все руки )) Очень рекурмендую😅 и люстру и мебель и все профессионально и быстро починил))
Лязка Райымбккова, hace 5 días

Батыржан К.

9 reseñas
14 solicitudes
Identidad verificada
Опыт работы на рекламе 7лет. Электрик. Сварщик. Монтажник. Сантехника. Электроника
Өте жақсы мастер екен! Жиһаздарыңызды ойланбастан сеніп тапсыруларыңызға болады.Ұқыпты жұмыс жасайды!
Айнур, hace 6 días
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“Reparación y ensamblaje de muebles” en Ciudad de Астана

What does the furniture assembly service provided by inDrive.Services in Astana include?

The furniture assembly service available through inDrive.Services includes the assembly and disassembly of various types of furniture, including home and office furniture, among others. Registered specialists on the platform are well-equipped to follow manufacturer recommendations and ensure precise furniture assembly, considering different styles.

How can I order a furniture assembly service through inDrive.Services in Astana?

Ordering a furniture assembly service is a simple and efficient process:
  • Fill out a brief form, specifying the details of the task you need to be done.

  • Approximately after 5 minutes*, you will start receiving competitive offers from furniture assembly specialists.

  • Choose the perfect specialist for your order by comparing their ratings, reviews, portfolio, and pricing.

Can furniture assembly specialists also handle furniture repairs?

Yes, many furniture assembly specialists also offer small-scale furniture repair services. If you need the repair of existing furniture, you can discuss it with the assembly specialist during the planning process. They will assess the work and provide a cost estimate, which may include the replacement of missing parts, such as screws.

Is it safe to hire furniture assembly specialists through inDrive.Services?

Absolutely! Safety is a priority at inDrive.Services. All specialists providing furniture assembly services on the platform undergo strict verification, including document checks. Your peace of mind is our top priority, and we strive to simplify the search for reliable furniture assemblers and repair specialists.

What types of furniture can I hire an assembler for through inDrive.Services?

Through inDrive.Services, you can find assembly experts for various types of furniture, including: Home furniture, Office furniture, Modular furniture, and more.

How is payment for the furniture assembly service on inDrive.Services processed?

The payment process for furniture assembly services is straightforward and usually arranged directly with the assembler. Payment is typically made to the professional upon completion of the service, and options may include cash or other pre-agreed payment methods.

Can I schedule a furniture assembler on Sundays or holidays in Astana?

Yes, with inDrive.Services, you can schedule furniture assembly or repair on any day, including Sundays or holidays in Astana, providing convenience to meet your needs. Specify specific details regarding preferred days and times when submitting your request to facilitate the search for specialists who can accommodate your schedule.

Can I hire multiple furniture assemblers in Astana for the assembly of a large quantity of furniture or to expedite the process?

Certainly! If you need to assemble a large quantity of furniture in Astana or expedite the assembly and disassembly process, you can hire multiple assemblers or companies through inDrive.Services. Simply indicate the quantity of items to be disassembled and your preferred schedule in the order form. Our experts will coordinate the work to meet your needs and expectations.
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