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"Plomeros" en Тараз

Куаныш К.

57 reseñas
80 solicitudes
Identidad verificada
БЫСТРЫЙ ВЫЕЗД! НИЗКИЕ ЦЕНЫ! — Всегда готов к работе. Всегда полный набор инструментов — Опыт работы более 8ми лет. Выполняю любую работу качественно, надёжно, добросовестно, чисто. — Не навязываю лишних затрат и бесполезных переплат за более дорогие альтернативы — Покупаю и привожу материалы и запчасти сам, либо работаю с вашими, уже имеющимися. Звоните! Проведу консультацию по телефону и никаких сюрпризов с ценой не будет.
Қуаныш ағайға көп көп рақмет! Түсінігі мол, ісіне жауапты маман👏🏻 Жұмысын адалынан орындап берді.
Зарина Турсынова, hace 3 días

Олжас К.

165 reseñas
204 solicitudes
Identidad verificada
Сборка,разборка мебели, электрика,сантехнические услуги, мелко срочный ремонт.И многое другое.
Ассалаумагалейкум, тез әрі ұқыпты жасап берді.жәнеде қосымша кранды ауыстырып алдым.
Жандаулет Жанабаев, hace 1 día

Анатолий А.

21 reseñas
30 solicitudes
Identidad verificada
Любые работы, связанные с сантехникой
приехал быстро, сделал, качествествено, быстро, ещё раз вызывать буду
Макс, hace 4 días
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“Plomeros” en Ciudad de Тараз

What plumbing services can I find in Taraz?

Plumbers in Taraz provide a variety of services, including repair and replacement of plumbing equipment, fixing leaks, installing water heaters and plumbing fixtures, as well as cleaning and servicing water supply and sewage systems.

How can I hire a plumber in Taraz through inDrive.Services?

Finding and hiring a plumber in Taraz on our platform is easy:
  • Visit our website and select the category "Repairs and Construction," then choose the service "Plumbers."

  • Fill out the form to provide details of your problem or request to the masters.

  • Submit your request and start receiving offers from plumbers within 7 minutes* after submission.

What are the average costs of plumbing services in Taraz?

Prices for plumbing services in Taraz may vary depending on the specific work required. Typically, rates range from 5000 to 15000 tenge per hour of work. Please note that the final cost will depend on the complexity of the task.

Can I hire a plumber in Taraz for an emergency?

Yes, through inDrive.Services, you can find a plumber in Taraz ready to help even in case of an emergency. Just specify the urgency in your request to receive relevant offers.

How can I ensure that the plumber hired through inDrive.Services is reliable?

All plumbers featured on our platform undergo thorough verification before being available for hire.

Is there a warranty on the work performed by a plumber from inDrive.Services?

We do not provide warranties on work, as plumbers work as independent contractors. However, you can discuss a warranty directly with the master, as many professionals on inDrive.Services offer a warranty on their work.
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