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Barranquilla орнындағы «Тазалау»

Gerly Johanna G.

2 шолу
4 тапсырыс
Жеке куәлігі тексерілген
Soy una persona responsable repetuosa y mi trabajo lo dejo muy bien echo para a si mismo cojer mi clientela
Excelente puntualidad, detallista en la limpieza. La recomiendo
HERALDO, 8 күн бұрын

Claudia O.

5 шолу
10 тапсырыс
Жеке куәлігі тексерілген
Hola ,como estás? Me llamo Claudia,mucho gusto☺️🥰 ,tengo 34 años, 2 hijas de 9 y 17 años,soy casada,cristiana . Llevo más de 5 años laborando como niñera (aseo,cuidado de mascotas) . He Laborado para un gringo en el poblado ,para otras personas en envigado y otros lugares.... He cuidado niños de 3 meses de nacido,niños pequeños, grandes y preadolescentes . Práctico lo que es la crianza sana y respetuosa. Soy una persona Honesta, responsable,sociable con carisma,dedicada en todo lo que hago. Si quieres, te puedo servir con mucho gusto.
Excelente servicio, fue muy amable, estuvo disponible para prestarme el servicio con sólo unas horas de antelación, todo quedó muy limpio, muy satisfecha ✨
marcela rojas, 6 сағат бұрын

Luz Marina H.

9 шолу
11 тапсырыс
Жеке куәлігі тексерілген
Buen servicio y muy respetuosa. Amable y de excelente actitud.
Claudia Gómez, 8 күн бұрын
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Barranquilla қаласында «Тазалау»

For what types of environments can I request a cleaning service in Barranquilla?

You can request cleaning services for various environments, including apartments, houses, commercial/office spaces, common areas in residential complexes, event spaces, and others.

Can I request the services of a cleaning specialist regularly?

Yes, you can request a cleaning specialist according to your needs, as often as you wish. However, if you hire a housekeeper for three or more days a week, you must comply with labor laws by registering and signing a contract.

Can I request additional services typically performed by a housekeeper?

Certainly! In addition to standard cleaning, some cleaning specialists on the platform can also offer additional services such as outdoor cleaning, childcare, refrigerator cleaning, window cleaning, laundry, and ironing. Please provide these details in your service request.

Is it necessary to take children or pets out of the property during cleaning?

Not necessarily, but this is at the discretion of the client. If you prefer, for safety or convenience reasons, temporarily relocating children or pets during the cleaning process can be a good idea.

How is payment made for a cleaning service contracted through inDrive.Services?

Payment is made directly to the professional or cleaning company you choose. There are no intermediaries in the transaction, ensuring that the contractor receives the agreed-upon amount in full.

Why is it better to hire a cleaning specialist in Barranquilla through inDrive.Services?

When you hire through inDrive.Services, you have access to a reliable platform with verified and experienced cleaning specialists. Additionally, the hiring process is quick and convenient, saving you time and effort in finding a qualified professional.

How do I choose the ideal cleaning specialist for my residence/business?

First, you need to be registered as a customer on inDrive.Services. Then, choose the service you want and answer some prompts to refine your search. Next, provide details to create your service order. Some cleaning specialists will contact you, already aware of the details of your needs. It's all quick and easy!
When choosing a cleaning specialist, it's important to consider the ratings from other customers, read reviews about the provided service, and verify if the professional's skills and experience align with your specific needs.
That's why inDrive.Services makes your experience with cleaning services as easy and efficient as possible!
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