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Телефондар мен планшеттер жөндеу Bogota қаласында

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Bogota орнындағы «Телефондар мен планшеттер жөндеу»

Manuel P.

1 шолу
1 тапсырыс
Жеке куәлігі тексерілген
Servicio técnico de teléfonos y Venta de teléfonos de segunda y nuevos. #Samsung #iPhone #Xiaomi #Huawei #Motorola Ubicados en la Calle 18#5-37 edificio maya local 3 Centro de Pereira
El técnico realizó un excelente trabajo con la reparación de mi celular, además fue muy rápido y muy profesional, quede contento con el servicio. Gracias.
Alex Loaiza, 2 жыл бұрын

Jose Luis M.

2 шолу
3 тапсырыс
Жеке куәлігі тексерілген
10 años en el area de srvicio tecnico de celulares y todo lo relacionado con software y repuestos de celulares.
perfecto muy buen servicio y SI MANEJA EL MISMO NUMERO que tiene en la aplicacion.
Maria del carmen Consuegra goenaga, 1 жыл бұрын
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Bogota қаласында «Телефондар мен планшеттер жөндеу»

What brands and models of mobile phones and tablets do repair specialists in Bogotá cover?

Our technicians are highly trained to service various brands and models, including popular ones like Apple, Samsung, Google, and various Android devices. If you have a specific device that requires repair, simply specify the brand and model when creating your service request.

What are the most common issues that can occur with mobile devices and tablets?

Common issues include broken screens, battery problems, unresponsive buttons, charging complications, and software failures. It's common to encounter devices damaged by water exposure or other accidents.

Can I request additional services, such as screen protectors or accessories, along with the repair?

Yes, many technicians offer additional services and accessories. Discuss your needs with the technician during the service request process to see if they can meet your requirements.

How can I find a mobile phone or tablet repair specialist in Bogotá through inDrive.Services?

  • Complete a brief form describing the details of your issue.

  • After just 5 minutes**, you will start receiving initial proposals from verified specialists.

  • Choose the specialist that best fits your needs. You can decide based on the ratings, reviews, and profiles of the specialists.

  • Contact the chosen specialist directly to finalize the service details.

What are the advantages of hiring a mobile device repair technician in Bogotá through the inDrive.Services platform?

  • Simple Request: Just fill out a brief form to provide details about your request to specialists.

  • Quick Responses: In just 5 minutes**, you will start receiving proposals from experts because we value your time.

  • Personalized Selection: Choose the right technician for your project using criteria like ratings, reviews, portfolios, or prices, giving you full autonomy.

  • Verified Specialists: User safety is our top priority, so all specialists listed on inDrive.Services go through a rigorous verification process, including identity and criminal background checks.

What payment options are available when scheduling a repair on inDrive.Services?

Payment methods can be discussed and agreed upon directly with the chosen technician. Common payment options include cash, bank transfers, credit cards, and digital payment services like PIX. Clarifying payment details with the technician is important to ensure a smooth transaction process.
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