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Brasília орнындағы «Жиһазды химиялық жолмен тазалау»

Leonardo B.

1 шолу
2 тапсырыс
Жеке куәлігі тексерілген
Experiência em lavagem de estofados residenciais, colchões, cadeiras... e acentos de automóveis. Experiência com pinturas residenciais internas e externas. Atendo Salvador e região!
Foi extremamente educado, ágil e a limpeza ficou impecável!
Emily Santos, 4 ай бұрын

Iran S.

1 шолу
1 тапсырыс
Жеке куәлігі тексерілген
Manutenção motor portão garagem,centrais de interfones,fechaduras elétricas,porteiros eletrônicos coletivos e residenciais serviços de elétrica,cerca elétrica.
Profissional experiente. Trabalho impecável. Super recomendo
Jaqueline Vilaronga, 9 ай бұрын

Carlos A.

1 шолу
1 тапсырыс
Жеке куәлігі тексерілген
Prestadora de serviços de limpeza de estofados. Especialista em limpeza de sofás, colchões, poltronas, cadeiras, tapetes e bancos automotivos.🛋️🛏️🪑🚙
Profissional organizado, educado , comprometido.com.horario. Ótima trabalho!
Alessandro Pinheiro, 1 жыл бұрын
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Brasília қаласында «Жиһазды химиялық жолмен тазалау»

Which types of furniture can be dry-cleaned in Brasilia?

In Brasilia, you have the option to hire a furniture dry cleaning specialist for different furniture like sofas, armchairs, chairs, beds, and more.

What types of stains can be effectively removed through this upholstery dry cleaning process?

Upholstery and carpet dry cleaning can effectively remove a variety of common stains found in fabrics and carpets. Here are some of the stains that can be effectively removed through this process:
  • Food stains - Including sauces, oils, spilled beverages like coffee, tea, juices, sodas, wine, among others.

  • Pet stains - Such as urine, vomit, feces, saliva, and other bodily fluids.

  • Dirt and mud stains - Resulting from dirty shoes or heavy traffic in carpeted areas.

  • Grease and oil stains - Originating from foods, machinery, engines, or lubricants.

  • Pen and ink stains - Due to ballpoint pens, markers, or other writing materials.

  • Cosmetic stains - Like makeup, lipstick, eyeshadow, among others.

  • Blood stains - From cuts, injuries, or accidents.

  • Mold stains - Resulting from excessive moisture or water infiltration.

  • Dust and general dirt stains - Accumulated over time and may leave upholstery and carpets looking dirty and worn out.

It's important to note that the effectiveness of dry cleaning may vary depending on the severity and specific nature of the stain, as well as the type of fabric or carpet. In some cases, the use of special products or additional treatments may be necessary to remove tougher stains. It's always advisable to consult qualified professionals to assess the best cleaning approach for your specific needs.

How can I find dry cleaning services in Brasília that cater to a specific type of upholstery or mattress?

To find dry cleaning services in Brasília that cater to a specific type of upholstery or mattress, you can use the inDrive.Services platform:
Simply search under the "Dry Cleaning" category and describe the specific details of your upholstery or mattress in the request form.
The specialists available on the platform may offer personalized services based on your specific needs. Make sure to provide as much detail as possible to find the right specialist for your type of upholstery or mattress.

What if I'm not satisfied with the cleaning results?

If you're not satisfied with the cleaning results, you can usually contact the cleaning professional or company to report any issues or areas that were not properly addressed. A good specialist cares about customer satisfaction and may be willing to return to address any issues, if remote explanation does not solve the problem. Be sure to review the company's policies regarding complaints and guarantees before hiring the service.

Do I need to move furniture before cleaning?

Generally, it's recommended to move lightweight furniture and small objects before cleaning to allow cleaning professionals full access to the areas that need to be cleaned. However, cleaning professionals are usually able to move lightweight furniture during the cleaning process if necessary. Be sure to discuss this detail with the cleaning company before the service to ensure all necessary arrangements are made.

Is it possible to have dry cleaning done without me being on the property?

Yes, many cleaning specialists offer services where you don't need to be present on the property during the cleaning. You can coordinate with the company to ensure there is secure access to your home, either by leaving a key with a trusted neighbor or using a keyless entry system, if available.
Make sure to discuss the details with the cleaning company to ensure they have all the necessary information to perform the job efficiently and safely.

What equipment do specialists use in upholstery and mattress dry cleaning?

Specialists in upholstery and mattress dry cleaning typically use a variety of specialized equipment to perform the job effectively. Some common equipment includes:
  • Vacuum extractor: A machine that uses pressure and suction to spray a cleaning solution onto the upholstery and then extracts dirt and moisture, leaving the fabrics clean and dry.

  • Brushes and scrubbers: Used to loosen and remove dirt and stains from upholstery and mattresses before the application of the cleaning solution.

  • Drying equipment: As part of the dry cleaning process, specialists may use drying equipment such as fans or hot air dryers to speed up the drying time of fabrics after cleaning.

  • Specialized cleaning products: In addition to equipment, specialists also use specific cleaning products to remove stains, odors, and dirt from upholstery and mattresses without damaging the fabrics.

These are just a few examples of common equipment used by specialists in upholstery and mattress dry cleaning. The type of equipment used may vary depending on the company and the specific cleaning methods employed.
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