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Cali орнындағы «Сантехниктер»

Kevin Andrés G.

1 шолу
1 тапсырыс
Жеке куәлігі тексерілген
Más de 15 años trabajando en instalación y mantenimiento de tuberías de agua potable. También brindo asesorías sobre tratamiento de agua para consumo humano. Me gusta trabajar con seguridad y prestar atención a los detalles. Me esfuerzo por cumplir con mis tareas para que el cliente quede satisfecho. También tengo conocimientos de edición, creación y desarrollo de publicidad para redes sociales de todo tipo de negocio. También sé algo de mantenimiento basico y siempre dispuesto a ayudar y adquirir nuevo conocimiento. Gracias por confiar en mí.
Muy bueno no sólo ayudo con la plomeria si no que además hizo un excelente diagnóstico adicional de gran ayuda muy amable
Kiara Redondo, 5 күн бұрын

Guillermo J.

7 шолу
11 тапсырыс
Жеке куәлігі тексерілген
Maestro de obra con más de 15 años de experiencia, especialista en el área de la construcción, diseño de interiores y cielo Rasos en drywall y PVC, todo lo relacionado con la construcción.
Excelente servicio, persona profesional, amable y muy confiable. 10/10
Álvaro Negrete, 1 ай бұрын

Danny Alexander G.

20 шолу
30 тапсырыс
Жеке куәлігі тексерілген
Acabados y reformas en general, realizo toda clase de obra civil. Emergencia en plomeria e Instalación de redes eléctricas por más pequeño que sea tu inconveniente estoy para darle solucion
Muy recomendado! Me ayudo a solucionar los problemas que tenía en casa.
Andrés Bi, 1 ай бұрын
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Cali қаласында «Сантехниктер»

Why should I opt for a professional plumber in Cali instead of trying to address plumbing issues on my own?

Hiring the services of a professional plumber ensures the quality of work, the safety of repairs, and the prevention of major plumbing issues. Choosing an expert and properly trained plumber is crucial, as they have the ability to identify and rectify problems, ultimately saving you time, money, and future complications.

Can I be sure that the plumbers featured on the inDrive.Services platform are trustworthy?

We understand your concerns, and it is important to note that every plumber featured on our platform undergoes a rigorous verification process. This process includes identity verification and criminal background checks before they are accepted onto our platform. You can have full confidence that you are securing the services of a reliable professional for your plumbing needs.

How do I select a plumber in Cali through inDrive.Services?

To hire a plumber near you on inDrive.Services, follow these simple steps:
  • Fill out a brief form providing details of your request to specialists.

  • In approximately 5 minutes**, you will start receiving proposals from specialists.

  • Choose a verified professional based on their qualifications, reviews, portfolio, profile, and pricing.

  • Receive the service, mark it as completed, and provide a rating for the specialist.

What factors influence the price of plumbing services in Cali?

Several factors affect the pricing of plumbing services and should be considered to achieve the best balance between price and quality:
  • Complexity of the job. Simple repairs, such as fixing a minor leak, are usually more affordable than extensive installations.

  • Location can impact the price. In areas with a high cost of living, plumbers may charge higher fees. Additionally, emergencies can result in higher costs due to the need for immediate availability.

  • Plumber's experience and qualifications. Plumbers with extensive experience and additional certifications may charge higher fees due to their expertise and advanced skills.

What are the advantages of using inDrive.Services to find the right plumbing service?

  • Efficiency and Simplicity: Our service request process is fast and straightforward.

  • Quick Responses: Expect to receive initial offers from specialists within 5 minutes** after submitting your request.

  • Informed Decision-Making: Choose a specialist based on authentic qualifications, demonstrated experience, and prices tailored to your needs.

  • Cost Control: Negotiate directly with the professional for the final budget without intermediaries.

  • Trusted Professionals: All specialists undergo comprehensive verification, including identity and background checks.
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