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Can I book a trial lesson before committing to a tutor?

Yes, you can schedule a trial lesson to get a sense of the tutor's teaching style and assess if they are the best fit for you. Contact the instructors who are available for your demand to make sure about the costs of this trial period

How do I know my level of proficiency in the language I want to take classes in?

Your proficiency level will be assessed during the first lesson or through a leveling test, depending on the assessment policy of the tutor. This will help the tutor tailor the content of the classes according to your current skill level

What happens if my Tutor cannot continue before completing our agreed lessons?

If your tutor cannot continue the lessons before the agreed-upon course end, inDrive.Services' policy requires them to inform you and refund any paid amounts. Rest assured, we will help you find a suitable new tutor to continue your learning.

How do I pay for language classes offered on inDrive.Services?

Payment for language classes is made directly between you and the hired tutor. The payment method will be agreed upon between the parties, including options such as bank transfer or cash payment. This provides convenience and flexibility in the payment process for your classes.

Can I find a language expert on inDrive.Services who teaches at my home/location in São Paulo?

Yes! Look for profiles of professionals who teach at the location of your choice.

How do I find the best language tutor in São Paulo?

Finding the best language teaching expert in São Paulo through inDrive.Services is easy and convenient. Follow these steps to ensure you find the ideal tutor:
  • Access the Platform: First, access the inDrive.Services platform through the website or the app.

  • Create a detailed request specifying the language you want to learn, your current proficiency level (if any), and your learning objectives. The more information you provide, the better the system can connect you with the right tutor.

  • Review the Proposals: Wait for proposals from language teaching experts in São Paulo. They will contact you about their qualifications, teaching methods, and availability.

  • Evaluate the Experts' Profiles: Carefully review the experts' profiles. Consider factors such as experience, feedback from other students.
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