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São Paulo қаласында «Бухгалтерлер»

Why should I choose an online accounting service over an offline one?

Choosing an online accounting service offers several advantages. First, it provides greater flexibility, allowing you to access your financial information anytime and from anywhere. Additionally, it eliminates the need for in-person meetings, saving time and resources.
With inDrive.Services, you have access to verified and experienced professionals ready to address your accounting needs in a personalized and comfortable manner.

What virtual accounting services do accountants in São Paulo offer?

You can find a support for a variety of accounting services. Here are some:
  • Preparation and correction of income tax returns

  • Calculation of supplementary income tax for individuals with more than one monthly income

  • Rectification of irregularities in a tax id with the Federal Revenue.

For your business, accounting professionals can also offer services such as payroll accounting, end-of-month reconciliations, balance sheet closure, generation of trial balances, among others.

How do virtual accounting services work?

Virtual accounting services are simple and effective. When you make an order on the inDrive.Services platform, you will have access to a list of accountants responding to your order with competitive offers. Simply select the professional who best meets your needs and schedule a time for a virtual consultation. During the meeting, you can discuss your accounting requirements, provide documents for preliminary analysis, and receive valuable guidance.
Once both parties feel secure and confident to establish a service contract, the client provides information online to the accountant, who in turn performs the services with equally virtual feedback, and with the same validity and effectiveness as documents provided in person.

How do I choose the best accountant for my needs?

To choose the best accountant for your needs on the inDrive.Services platform, we recommend following these steps:
  • Understand Your Specific Needs: Before starting the search for an accountant, it's important to know which accounting services you currently need. For example, you may need an accountant with experience in taxes, specialized in accounting for self-employed professionals.

  • Analyze the Experience and Specialization of the Professional: When browsing the profiles of accountants offering their services for your order, check their experience and specialization. Carefully examine their profiles and portfolios.

  • Evaluate Reviews and Feedback from Other Users: The inDrive.Services platform allows users to rate the accountants they have worked with. Read these reviews to get an idea of the quality of service provided and the satisfaction of previous clients.

  • Schedule an Initial Conversation: Before making a final decision, contact chosen accountants for an initial conversation. This will give you the opportunity to discuss your needs in detail, ask specific questions, and assess compatibility for working together.

  • Consider the Cost/Benefit of the Services: Evaluate the accountant's fees and make sure they are within your budget. However, remember that investing in a qualified accountant can bring significant benefits to you or your business.

What kind of security measures do you have on inDrive.Services?

First and foremost, we heavily invest in security measures to protect your information. Additionally, only your designated accountant will have access to the data you provide for your accounting.
Also, we rigorously verify the professionals registered on the inDrive.Services platform, examining critical details such as identity and criminal record.

How do I pay for the accounting services offered through inDrive.Services?

Payment within inDrive.Services is made directly from the client to the specialist, without the platform acting as an intermediary. This ensures a direct and transparent transaction between you and the chosen accounting professional.

Does inDrive.Services offer professionals who provide in-person services?

Absolutely! You can get in touch with professionals from various cities, such as São Paulo, and handle everything in person.

Can I change accountants if I'm not satisfied with the service?

Sure! If for any reason you are not satisfied with the accountant you chose, you have the flexibility to switch to another professional who better meets your needs, as long as you are up to date with your obligations in the agreement. Remember, maintain communication and the contract as clear as possible!
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