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What does the boys' haircuts service typically include?

Boys' haircuts usually involve cutting and styling their hair. The stylist will trim the hair to create the desired look, whether it's short or long. Some services may also include a quick wash and dry. The goal is to give boys a neat and stylish haircut according to what they like. The hairstylist aims to make the experience friendly and fun, making sure the boys leave with a haircut they're happy with.

Can I do boys' haircuts on my own?

You can try doing boys' haircuts on your own, but it depends on your comfort level and experience. Cutting hair requires some skill, and mistakes are possible. If you're confident and have some basic knowledge, you can start with simple cuts using appropriate tools. However, for better and safer results, especially for more complex styles, it's often recommended to use a professional service. Professional hairstylists have the expertise to handle different hair types and styles, ensuring a more polished and satisfying outcome for boys' haircuts.

How long does a boys' haircut last?

The duration of a boys' haircut can vary based on the specific style, the complexity of the cut, and the speed of the hairstylist. On average, a boys' haircut may take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. Simple and straightforward styles generally take less time, while more intricate or detailed cuts may require additional minutes.

What is the average price for boys' haircuts in São Paulo?

The average price for boys' haircuts in São Paulo can vary depending on factors such as the reputation, and the stylist's experience. Additional services like washing, styling, or special treatments can contribute to an increased overall price. The complexity and popularity of the chosen haircut style, as well as the age of the child, may also influence pricing.

Which hair cut is best for a boy?

The best haircut for a boy depends on various factors, including personal preferences, face shape, hair type, and lifestyle. Here are some popular and versatile boys' haircuts:
1. Crew cut. Shorter hair on the sides and back, and a bit longer hair on the top. It's a classic and easy-to-maintain style.
2. Buzz cut. Very short all over, typically done with clippers. It's low-maintenance and keeps hair very short.
3. Side part. A classic style with longer hair on top and a defined part on one side. It can be adjusted to different lengths.
4. Undercut. Short or faded sides with longer hair on top. The contrast provides a stylish and modern look.
5. Faux hawk. Short on the sides with longer hair in the middle, styled to resemble a Mohawk without the shaved sides.
6. Textured crop. Short and textured on top with a faded or short sides. It gives a modern and stylish vibe.
When choosing a haircut, consider your child's preferences, the ease of maintenance, and whether the style complements their face shape.

What are the benefits of hiring a boys' haircuts specialist at inDrive.Services in São Paulo?

  • Esy ordering. Fill out a quick form to place your order.

  • Fast responses. Receive initial offers from specialists within 5 minutes of submitting your request.

  • Informed decision. Choose a specialist based on ratings, reviews, portfolios, or prices that suit your preferences.

  • Price negotiation. You're in control. The client sets the price or selects the option when specialists propose their prices, and then the client and the specialist discuss all the details of the order and negotiate the price directly without the platform involved. The payment goes also directly from a client to a specialist.

  • Verified specialists. All specialists go through verification, including ID and criminal record checks.
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