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'Massagem aromática' na cidade de Астана

What distinguishes an aromatherapy massage from a traditional massage?

The primary difference between aromatherapy massage and traditional massage is the use of essential oils. While both techniques aim to release tension and relax muscles, aromatherapy massage enhances these benefits by incorporating essential oils known for their therapeutic properties and pleasant aromas. These oils add an extra layer of therapeutic value, offering benefits such as relaxation, invigoration, or pain relief. The aromatic aspect of aromatherapy massage also promotes emotional well-being, making it a more holistic approach to overall health.

What does an aromatherapy massage in Astana typically include?

An aromatherapy massage in Astana usually includes a customized blend of essential oils chosen to target specific therapeutic goals like relaxation, stress relief, or revitalization. Therapists often consult with clients to understand their preferences and health concerns before blending the oils. During the massage, these oils are applied with light, flowing strokes, enhancing the sensory experience and aiding in absorption. This holistic treatment offers benefits beyond physical relaxation, including emotional and mental well-being.
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‘Massagem aromática’

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