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"Soldadores" em Актобе

Ерболат А.

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Identidade verificada
Трубомонтажник, сварщик, демонтаж монтаж, мебель и.д
Электросварку выполнил быстро и качественно, за приемлемую цену
Диана, há 3 meses

Еркебулан Ж.

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Опыт работы больше 5 ти лет сварочный работы всех видов нержавейка черный металл алюминий 5 разряд качество и гарантия все предаставлю
Жұмысын жақсы жасайды. Өз ісінің маманы. Полкаға каркас жасап, сырлап берді👍👍👍 ризамын. Аллаһ береке берсін жұмысына
Азамат Аллабергенов, há 3 meses

Алишер Б.

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Имею опыт с разными сложностями если нет то найду людей кто устранить ваши проблемы обращайтесь!
Спасибо большое. Приехал поздно ночью, проверил объем работы. Утром вернулся чтобы все завершить.
Жанна Бафм, há 1 mês
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Perguntas frequentes

'Soldadores' na cidade de Актобе

What welding services are typically offered by professionals in Aktobe through inDrive.Services?

Welders in Aktobe offer a variety of services, including metal fabrication, welding repairs, structural welding, pipe welding, welding for construction projects, and custom metalwork.

How can I find a reliable welder in Aktobe using inDrive.Services?

To find a dependable welder in Aktobe through inDrive.Services:
  • Visit the inDrive.Services website or inDrive.Services category in inDrive app and navigate to the welding service category.

  • Provide details about your welding needs and project requirements.

  • Receive proposals from skilled welders within 5 minutes* after posting your request.

  • Review and select a welder based on their ratings, reviews, portfolio, profile, and pricing.

  • Contact your chosen welder to finalize the details of your project.

What are the benefits of using inDrive.Services to hire a welder in Aktobe?

Hiring a welder via inDrive.Services ensures:
  • Expertise: Gain access to professionals who possess extensive experience and knowledge in welding.

  • Quick Connection: Typically, receive proposals within a short time after submitting your request.

  • Reliability: Our welders undergo a thorough verification process to ensure trustworthiness.

  • Informed Decisions: Utilize reviews, ratings, and portfolio insights to make informed choices.

  • Price Transparency: Engage in direct pricing discussions with welders for transparency and value.

How long does a welding project typically take to complete in Aktobe?

The duration of a welding project varies depending on factors such as the complexity of the work, the size of the project, and the availability of materials. Simple welding repairs or fabrications may take a few hours, while larger projects may take several days to complete.

What is the average price for welding services in Aktobe?

Prices for welding services in Aktobe can vary based on the type of project, the materials used, and the expertise of the welder. For an accurate estimate, it's recommended to submit your request on our platform and review the proposals you receive.

How do I pay for the welding services provided by professionals found on inDrive.Services?

Payments for welding services are made directly to the welder. While inDrive.Services facilitates connections with professionals, all financial transactions and negotiations occur directly between clients and welders.

Are there additional services beyond standard welding offered by professionals in Aktobe?

Yes, many welders in Aktobe offer additional services such as metal cutting, fabrication, structural repairs, and metal artwork. You can discuss your specific requirements with the welder to see if they offer the services you need.

What safety measures do welders in Aktobe adhere to while working on projects?

Welders in Aktobe follow strict safety protocols to ensure the well-being of themselves and those around them. This includes wearing appropriate personal protective equipment, maintaining a clean and organized work area, and adhering to industry-standard safety practices.

Can I request on-site welding services for large projects in Aktobe?

Yes, many welders in Aktobe offer on-site welding services for large projects such as construction, fabrication, and repairs. You can discuss your project requirements with the welder to determine if on-site services are feasible and convenient for your needs.
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