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"Grúa" en Алматы

Саян С.

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Эвакуирую Авто и габаритные грузы звоните 24/7 Эвакуатор
Отлично быстро реагировал! И самое главное безопасно! Молодец!👍👍👍👍👍
Ази Кудайберген, hace 5 días

Алибек К.

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Услуги эвакуатор . Нур-Султан Астана город межгорт принимаю шаровой роли есть
Большой Рахмет оперативно быстро , нормальная цена , свою работу знает человек советую 👍👍👍
Ислам, hace 2 días
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“Grúa” en Ciudad de Алматы

What is included in the tow truck service?

The tow truck service includes the safe transportation of your car from one location to another. This may be necessary due to a breakdown, accident, or any other situation preventing you from operating your vehicle.

What benefits do car evacuation specialists on inDrive.Services provide?

  • Easy Ordering: With inDrive.Services, simply fill out a straightforward form to request a car evacuation service.

  • Fast Responses from Professionals: In just 5 minutes*, you'll start receiving proposals from experienced tow truck drivers ready to assist you.

  • Informed Choice: Choose the perfect specialist based on ratings, reviews, portfolio, and prices.

  • Verified Professionals: All specialists undergo thorough identity verification and past experience checks upon registration.

Why should I trust car evacuation specialists on inDrive.Services?

Car evacuation specialists on the inDrive.Services platform are trustworthy because they undergo strict identity checks during the registration process. Additionally, the verification system and ratings from previous clients give you the opportunity to make a more informed choice.

Can I get assistance in Almaty at any time and day if my car has issues?

Yes, you can get assistance at any time of day or night in Almaty if your car has issues. Simply place an order on inDrive.Services, specify the time and place where you need assistance, and tow truck drivers ready to help will be found.

How is the payment for the car evacuation specialist's service on inDrive.Services done?

In the case of payment for the car evacuation specialist's service, payment is made directly between the customer and the specialist, without the involvement of the platform. All terms are determined through negotiations and discussions. During these discussions, payment is made in the most convenient way for both parties, always with precautions against possible fraudulent actions.

Are there any limitations for the car evacuation service?

Yes, there are some limitations for the car evacuation service on the inDrive.Services platform. They are as follows:
  • Accidents requiring police presence for documentation: If you are involved in an accident requiring police presence to create a report, the car evacuation service cannot be provided until the situation is resolved.

  • Drivers without necessary documents for themselves and their cars: To order the car evacuation service, both you and your car must have the necessary documents. Otherwise, the service cannot be provided.

  • Cars with license plates indicating theft or serious legal issues: If your car has license plates indicating theft or serious legal problems, the car evacuation service cannot be provided until the situation is resolved.

Please remember that these limitations are introduced to ensure safety and compliance with the laws. If you don't fall under any of these limitations, you can easily use the tow truck services on inDrive.Services.
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