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 5,000 —  7,000
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"Plomeros" en Алматы

Талгат М.

204 reseñas
411 solicitudes
Identidad verificada
Сантех - работы профессианально!
Очень хороший и вежливый специалист, провел осмотр и нашел причину. Принес свои домашние тапочки.
Assel, hace 2 días

Олег А.

3 reseñas
3 solicitudes
Identidad verificada
опыт работы 25 лет сантехники отопление конализация водопровод
Вышло дороже заявленной суммы, хотя объем работы был небольшой, и полностью прописан в объявлении, но по ватсапу запросил больше. Опоздал.
Julia, hace 5 días

Анатолий А.

30 reseñas
42 solicitudes
Identidad verificada
Любые работы, связанные с сантехникой
Мастер своего дела,быстро и четко выполнил свою работу 👍,во время пришёл как и договаривались
Кристина, hace 2 días
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“Plomeros” en Ciudad de Алматы

Why should I enlist the services of a professional plumber instead of attempting to resolve plumbing issues independently?

Opting for a professional plumber guarantees the quality of work, safety in repairs, and the prevention of major plumbing system problems. It's crucial to engage a plumber with experience and proper training as they can effectively identify and address issues, saving you time, money, and potential future headaches.

How can I be certain that the plumbers available on your platform are reliable professionals?

We acknowledge your concerns and want to assure you that all our plumbers undergo a rigorous verification process, including identity authentication and criminal documents checks before being accepted onto our platform. You can have confidence in hiring a reliable professional for the required work.

How do I select a plumber in Almaty on inDrive.Services?

On our platform, finding the appropriate professional for your plumbing needs is as straightforward as making a wish. Follow these steps:
  • Choose the service you require, such as fixing a leak, repairs or maintenance, installation, or others.

  • Complete a concise form to communicate the details of your request to specialists.

  • Submit the request and start receiving proposals from specialists within 5 minutes* after submission.

  • Choose the most suitable specialist, considering their ratings, reviews, portfolio, profile, and price.

  • Contact the selected specialist and discuss all the work details you need them to perform.

What precautions should be taken when choosing a plumber?

To ensure you choose the right professional for your plumbing job, consider these precautions:
  • Confirm the plumber's proper training. Request references or recommendations from previous work to gauge their experience and work quality.

  • Compare multiple quotes before deciding to find the best value. Be cautious of extremely low rates, as they may compromise service quality.

  • Ensure the professional explains the scope of work, and there are no hidden or unexpected costs.

What risks should be considered when hiring a plumber?

Understanding potential risks when hiring a plumber allows for vigilance and successful service hiring. Risks may include:
  • Lack of experience or qualification, leading to subpar repairs or additional damage. On our platform, we meticulously verify each plumber and collect customer reviews for informed decision-making.

  • Lack of price transparency. Some plumbers may offer vague quotes or hidden charges. At inDrive.Services, we promote price transparency and advise clarifying this with the professional before work begins.

What factors influence the price of plumbing services in Almaty?

Several factors influence the price of plumbing services that you should be aware of for the best price-quality ratio:
  • The complexity of the job. Simple repairs, like a minor leak, are generally more affordable than installing new piping.

  • Location may affect the price, with higher living costs areas potentially having higher rates. Emergency services may also impact the price due to immediate availability requirements.

  • The experience and qualifications of the plumber. Plumbers with extensive experience and additional certifications may charge higher rates due to their expertise.

What are the primary reasons to use our platform to find the ideal plumbing service?

Utilizing our platform transforms plumbing issues into easy and swift resolutions. Here are some reasons to consider our service:
  • Save time with our quick and straightforward service request process.

  • Receive quotes from professionals in just 5 minutes*.

  • Choose the best specialist based on real ratings, demonstrated experience, and prices tailored to your needs.

  • You control the costs. Negotiate directly with the professional for the final budget without intermediaries.

  • Verified professionals. Our specialists undergo 100% verification for identity.
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